How to layer for snowboarding in Western Michigan: Burton Snowboarding Insulator Products

August 29th, 2011 | Snowboards, Store, Uncategorized | admin | Comments Off

The importance of layering during the winter can’t be stressed enough; but how do you keep warm during the most frigid Michigan winter days and stay cool in the spring slush? Burton provides the best options for every type of weather you may encounter.

A waterproof, windproof Gore-Tex shell with a Burton insulator can keep you warm on the negative degree days, while using that same shell with a Burton bonded fleece can provide the flexibility that a warmer day may require. On the even warmer, scorching summer-like riding days, the Gore-Tex shell can provide protection from slush burns, while allowing full breathability to keep you cool. Just open up those Burton (Standard) Pit-zips and you’re good to go.

Come check out all the latest and greatest Burton Snowboards gear right here in Western Michigan at Buffalo Bob’s Skate, Surf & Snow. We are located in Grand Haven, MI near Grand Rapids, Holland, and Muskegon.